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Furniture Medic by Sherri Services

Wood Furniture and Antique Restoration in Denver, Colorado

Furniture Medic is a well-respected name in the furniture repair industry. Located in Denver, Colorado we serve the greater Denver and Aurora area with superior mobile furniture restoration. Our furniture repair specialists provide residential and commercial service. 

Our technicians are trained in the art and science of distinct color matching, to help make your table, chair or desk look like the first day you bought it. You may think that there is nothing you can do for your home or office furnishings, but it could be an easy fix! Get a professional opinion by calling the experts at Furniture Medic at - (720) 689-0748

We do not simply service antiques or wood furniture because it is our job. Since an early age, our staff has had a deep desire to treat wood furniture.

Our local community has a rich appreciation for millworks, carpentry, and antique wooden goods. This enthusiasm for craftsmanship drives us to thrive for excellence that much more. We treat each job meticulously exercising precise attention to detail when repairing your table, chair, desk, bookcase or anything in between.

Pets can be a wonderful and fun addition to the family. Unfortunately, sometimes your pet can have a little too much fun with your furniture while you are away. Chewed up chairs, stair railings and desks are some of the most frequent articles we see used as chew toys. Don’t panic! The Furniture Medic team has the equipment to fill the chips, cracks, holes and more left by your lovable gnawer.

Tables are often treated like the little brother of the furniture family. Tables acquire damage through a wide variety of actions. Some of the most common situations we see are, water rings, scratches, dents, cracks, chips, fire damage and even dis-assembly When it comes to table repair our wood restoration technicians are able to smooth over rough or damaged areas, repair the structure of your table, and even help with your furniture water damage. Interested in getting a new look for your coffee or kitchen table? Resurface your table! Furniture Medic carries a multitude of stains to offer your nearly any shade you desire.

Haunted by furniture cracks? Old furniture often cracks due to failed glue joints. For your furniture crack repair needs, hire the professionals who know how to get the job done right; the first time. We provide mobile service, so you don’t have to worry about any transportation. Crack repairs require a clean surface. Before we start gluing and clamping away, we diagnosis the severity of the crack, clean the subject, and then begin filling the crack repairing your property.

Refinishing wood furniture is a terrific way to re-instate the beauty of your worn surface.

Antique furniture restoration is our passion. The classic Victorian style is an elegant approach to handmade furnishings. A couple of the specific characteristics are dark woods, fine carvings and curve design with plush upholstery. Ebonized furniture is also a luxurious style that we service.

For commercial furniture, we provide complete desk repair and service. Lobby chairs a little beat up? We can help.

Whether your furniture is new-ish and needs some maintenance or you require complete antique wood restoration, Furniture Medic is here for you.

Same day service could be available in the greater Denver, Aurora area. For more information call the Medic at - (720) 689-0748

Furniture Moving Damage Repair

Moving Damage

If you recently moved homes or office locations, your furniture may have taken a heavy toll. Common issues that occur include wood cracks, dings, and scratches on your valuable wood surfaces. We offer the best moving damaged repair for all of your antique wood furniture repairs.

Furniture Disaster Restoration

Disaster Restoration

Has your home or office recently undergone a flood due to plumbing or storm? We offer disaster restoration for surfaces like cabinets, millwork, stairways, and banisters. We can provide restoration on all furniture damaged except for upholstery work. We will assess the damage and work with your insurance company for the best solution.

Furniture Millwork Restoration

Millwork Restoration

If you find that your millwork on home or office surfaces has suffered damaged, we can provide you with millwork restoration services. We provide each of our clients with the most incredible results, incomparable to our competitors. We work with many doors, cabinets, window casings and other materials to name a few.

Door Refinishing Services

Door Refinishing

We begin our door refinishing services by completely removing your door from the hinges, as well as its fixtures. We work to sand, re-stain/paint, and finish your door with a protected finish. Door restoration is a great option for those with doors that have aged over the years, and for an affordable option than complete replacements.

Furniture Vandalism Removal

Vandalism Removal

With our vandalism removal services, we offer our clients with the best solutions to their damaged repair needs. Whether you have broken window frames, jewelry drawers that have been broken or damaged kitchen cabinets, we have the solutions for you.

Furniture Dent Repair

Dent Repair

Common with older furniture, you may have come across dings and dents in your wood chairs, benches, or cabinets. We offer dent repair to fix these gouges and cracks in your wood surfaces. Our team utilizes the best putty materials to fill in holes and recreate a smooth surface. It is critical that this putty dries for up to a week at a time before we proceed with staining or painting.

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